Sybil Andrews Cottage Renovation - Campbell River

Construction is well underway on this unique little project! We were pleased to be awarded tender for this Campbell River renovation by the City of Campbell River early in January.

The Sybil Andrews Cottage is a significant project for us for a number of reasons. The Sybil Andrews Cottage was the first property listed under Campbell River's Heritage Registry. It is an important piece of Campbell River's history and of the preservation of Sybil Andrew's legacy. This is also the first heritage restoration project taken on by the City of Campbell River - so we are thrilled to work with them on this. You can learn more about the history of the cottage and of Sybil Andrews life through the Sybil Andrews Heritage Society.

The project has been carefully planned according to Heritage Standards by Heritage Architect, Jonathan Yardley, in order to preserve the integrity and heritage value of the cottage. These details include re-roofing the cottage with cedar shingles, installing cedar gutters and galvanized steel downpipes -- all to match the original.

The main scope of the work includes lifting the cottage from its existing foundation, repair and remediation work, building a new foundation, and lowering the cottage back down. The largest portion of the work deals with the exterior of the cottage and the property - which also includes installing perimeter drain tile and a rainwater collection system, a new wheelchair accessible entry ramp and door, and exposed aggregate pathway. Interior work is quite minimal - some floor repair and replacement where needed and some fresh paint - all in the cottage's original colours, of course!

Construction on the project started with excavation on January 31st, 2011. We are pleased to announce that the cottage has now also been fully lifted (if you havent noticed it already!) by Nickel Bros and preparation is underway for building a new foundation. Photos are details will be made available here on the blog as things progress.

The cottage renovation is set for completion in the Spring - April 19th - which ironically is Sybil Andrew's birthday and 'Sybil Andrews Day' in the City of Campbell River. I'd like to say we planned it that way!